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Avcılar Bosphorus Tour 

A unique tour in the World’s most beautiful strait that divides the continents of Asia and Europe…

We invite you to the Bosphorus to see and take photos of the Bosphorus bridges, Istanbul’s palaces, fortresses, seaside residences and coppices as well as many other historic artifacts that the bosphorus has to offer. 

Tour Fee per Person:  25 TL

Information About the Tour;
Avcılar Departure      : 13:15

Emirgan Arrival          : 15:15

Accommodation: 2 Hours

Emirgan Departure     :17:15
Avcılar Arrival             : 19:15

Note: Islands tours are going to start on June 4, 2019.

For More Information: 
Head Office Tel : 444 6 336
Head Office Tel : 0216 325 36 00

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