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About us


PEREME springs to mind when you think of a Bosphorus tour… 

The Pereme (rowing boat) tradition dating back to before the common era is now being revived through a brand new trademark and a travel vision.
We have decided to bring a breath of fresh air to the Bosphorus tours in 2013 under the trademark of Pereme.
We have enriched and diversified our tours with a modern, safe and comfortable travel mentality. 
Having incorporated the experience of Dentur Avrasya that provides passenger transportation services every day with its state of the art boats in the highest standards in terms of modern, affordable and safe sea transportation as well as its corporate culture and technological and administrative tradition dating back to 1850s, Pereme is the new name of the Bosphorus tours today. 
Peremes (Rowing boats), whose tradition dates back to before the common era, has been the primary transportation vehicle of the Istanbul Strait for many years.   Pereme (rowing boat) tradition was not disrupted when Istanbul was conquered by the Turks, but it was also developed architecturally and workmanshipwise by the Ottoman master builders and placed at the disposal of Istanbul's cultural and commercial life in the form of “Marmara Kancabaş", which is also known of the Istanbul Rowing Boat. 

Our Objectives…

Our primary objective is to present Istanbul -the most valuable brand of Turkey- and the values of the Bosphorus to the city’s visitors in the most accurate, quality and beautiful way.  And also continuously increase our product ranges and the number of guaranteed departure and scheduled tours in the short, mid and long term and thereby have them easily integrated into the overall tourism system and a wide variety of tour programs and thus make them essential in the sector. 
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