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Ferry has been started between Bodrum and Kos.… >>>

The other name of the Bosphorus: Bosporos, meaning… >>>

If Istanbul’s Bosphorus is covered with ice…  … >>>

The secret of golden horn is hidden in… >>>

The old resident of Bosphorus: 314 years old… >>>

Rent a Boat


We invite tourism professionals to organize Istanbul Bosphorus tours exclusively for their agency guests with special boat and service concepts. 
We also provide you with many extra services with Pereme experience including special routes, decorations, catering and music to make your guests feel they are special and privileged.  
For information; 
Head Office Tel: 0216 325 36 00
Head Office Fax: 0216 325 36 01
GSM : +90 533 482 51 39

Piers of Departure:  Kabataş & Beşiktaş & Üsküdar
Please contact us for detailed information;

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